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Mano-Term is a second generation family-run company. In 1946 Ingolf Bö started Mano-Term in a basement in Västerås, Sweden. At the start of the 1960s the company moved to Helsingborg, and in 1968 a new factory was built on Landskronavägen where the business is still operated today.

At first the company manufactured manometers and thermometers for boilers, hence the name Mano-Term. But as early as the 1950s the company changed direction and began making level gauges and overfill protection devices for oil cisterns.

During the 1960s the pneumatic level gauges were removed from the product range and were replaced by mechanical float gauges. At the start of the 1970s the company commenced large-scale production of electronic overfill protection devices, and the existing mechanical overfill protection products were discontinued.

The Mano-Clock level gauges have undergone significant development through the years and are currently manufactured in many different designs.

The company is owned and managed by Per Bö.

Mano-Term sometimes in the 1950


Fatigue tests.


Assembly of gauges.


Assembly of gauge mechanisms.


Processing of gauge housing.


The factory.


Climate chamber test.


Assembly of gauges.


Printing of gauge dial.


Processing of guiding pipes.

Quality gauges made in Sweden